The way to your perfect fitting shirt

We would like to accompany you on the way to your perfect custom-made shirt, but we need your support.

It is our aim to offer you an optimally fitting made-to-measure shirt that you will enjoy for a long time. To be fair, we would like to point out that it is not always possible to produce a perfectly fitting made-to-measure shirt for you with your first order. We don't want to promise you things we can't keep. When optimizing the fit, there are several aspects, including individual measurements or adjustments to the cut, which cannot be predicted and only become apparent when you try on your shirt. For an optimal fit, alterations to your shirt are sometimes necessary.

Before you order

Perfect fit guaranteed

After you received your order

Would you like to have your shirt altered as part of the fit guarantee?

Before sending your shirt back to us please contact us by e-mail. It is best to send us three photos (no Selfies!). One picture each showing you with your shirt from the front, back and side. In neutral posture, standing upright, arms relaxed at the sides. This helps us to help you optimize the fit. Write to us briefly about your requests and we will clarify the next steps with you directly.

The alteration of your shirt takes about 3-4 weeks.