Crossing Cultures – Woodblock Prints in Europe and Japan 1900 – 1950

The woodcut is one of the oldest printing techniques of mankind and already around the year 200 simple prints were created in China. Starting with the mass production of paper circa 1400, artistic woodcuts were made in Europe. Due to the low production costs of prints, in contrast to paintings, it was possible for a […]

MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok

What hasn’t been written about Bangkok? The great city in Southeast Asia, the loud tourist magnet, in contrast, the quiet, beautiful Buddhist temple, the impressive Royal Palace, the huge shopping malls and unique sights. The city with the everyday traffic chaos, consisting of cars, tuk tuks, scooters and taxis or the countless sellers of excellent […]

Spring weather photoshoot

After a long and cold winter spring has arrived in Germany, finally. Days are getting longer, nature awakes to new life, people sitting in Cafes outdoors and enjoy the sun. We used the good weather and met in Munich for a photoshoot.

Precious glass and how it is made

Go to the picturesque village of Waging am See in Bavaria to find the Schimmer glass studio, where Michael Murner makes precious drinking glasses, pieces of art and glass insects. We went to visit and watched him at work. We entered a large, light, minimalistic furnished studio with clear lines. There were just a few […]

Hotel lounge and the blue suit

The blue suit. A classic. And rightly so! Why? Because it is the most versatile. You wear a blue suit with a tie and pocketsquare in the office, as well as for an elegant evening event. Should you be invited spontaneously to a party, just take of your tie and you are ready for a […]

Photoshooting at the Botanic Garden

What to do when you have planned a photoshooting and the weather forecast announced snow? You meet with the wonderful Annabelle – – and go to the botanic garden. Annabelle shows how our pocketsquares work perfect with a womens blazer and that you not only can wear our tie around your neck.  

Stroke Art Fair

We paid a visit to the Stroke Art Fair in Munich. The Stroke Art Fair – – started eight years ago as a trade event for street art and graffiti, and has established itself among the top five German art fairs in the intervening years. Since Stroke is a trade fair and not just an […]


We came back from a photoshoot with some great images. Many thanks to Annabelle – – who shows that our briefcases are not only great for men but also for women. We think our briefcases are perfect for an office and business look.

Stroke Art Fair Preview

Visited the Stroke Art Fair Preview on Sunday. The Stroke Art Fair is an artfair presenting modern, contemporary art and takes place October 4th, 2017 in Munich for the 13th time. This week there were a preview showing a small selection of primarily paintings at Cadillac House in Munich. Of course, the fair in October […]

How our Travel Bag is made

Much has changed since the leatherworking story began at the end of the 18th century in Offenbach am Main. Initially, caskets, wallets, portfolios, and pocketbooks were produced on a small scale for the regional market. Skilled craftsmanship and the clever exploitation of new markets quickly revealed the potential of the still-young industry. By the year […]