Wearing a classy suit for everyday business, an elegant jacket for leisure, shoes made of the finest leather - all this with the assurance of being well dressed. What would it all be without the little details, such as a handmade, pure silk tie, a fleecy scarf made of fine cashmere in winter or an elegant briefcase made of the finest leather to hold in your hand? We would like to share this joy with our customers: the passion for the little luxuries in one’s daily routine, the finer things in life. That is reason we established Von Amper. That is what drives us to offer exceptional products.


Our style can be described as both modern and timeless elegance, in a simple but never boring style. We are always on the lookout for classic accessories for the modern gentleman. We are inspired by the lightness of Italy and the elegance of England and would like to pass on our knowledge about the long tradition of classic men’s clothing into the 21st century.


For us, quality is not just an empty word. That is also why we do not offer any anonymous mass-produced goods. We work exclusively with manufacturers who fabricate our products using traditional craftsmanship. We know each of our manufacturers personally and visit them on site to select the fitting leather, the finest fabrics and the best materials. It is this close contact alone that allows us to get a sense of whether a product meets our requirements.


Our ties are custom-made for us in Italy. This relates to both the fabric and the crafting of the ties. We select the right fabric on site and have the ties made completely by hand. This starts with cutting the fabric and ends with hand-rolling and hand-sewing the edges. We also insist on the use of a light lining so that the tie can be given a beautiful knot. The result is that our ties have a unique look. They radiate a light, casual elegance.


Our briefcases, travel bags and leather goods are also made by hand. This is done in small, family-run factories in Italy and Germany, some of which can look back on 150 years of history. Our leather is tanned exclusively in Europe. This ensures its wonderful quality as well as compliance with strict environmental standards during the tanning process. Before the leather is cut to measure by hand, it is checked once more for any damaged areas. The individual parts are then carefully sewn together by hand and further processed. This is the only way to craft our skilfully handmade leather goods.


Our scarves are woven in a Scottish factory that has existed since the mid-19th century. They are truly exceptional products that are processed to perfection and manufactured with a high degree of attention and care. Only the best materials are used to weave such wonderful and luxurious scarves: whether cashmere, wool, silk or angora. Here too, a long tradition of craftsmanship, a lot of manual work and plenty of passion goes into each and every scarf.


This is what makes Von Amper stand out: timelessly elegant products, attention to detail, artful craftsmanship tradition and the wonderful materials.